We unite around empowering teams and leaders to reach their highest potential, and to thrive in times of change and uncertainty.


The world is moving faster than ever with highly disruptive forces changing every aspect of society. We help our clients navigate this new complex world by leading change processes, that result in behavioral change and tangible action.

Our approach is based on an experience-based approach to organizational change and development. We facilitate change and development processes where discovery, creation and experimentation are all part of a process, by which organizational members envision their future, and find new ways of unfolding the organization's core purpose. We design involvement and co-creation that builds the creative confidence, and engagement at every level of the organization.

Our Network

Below The Surface is a networked consulting practice. We work with partners and collaborators in most parts of the world. Our network consists of highly experienced and passionate people from a range of fields related to commercial creativity and innovation. Areas of expertise include organizational development, leadership, user-insights, technology, communication, innovation and business development. Talk to us about how we can create a team that meets your needs.


Thomas Reibke is an experienced process consultant, trainer and facilitator. In more than 10 years, Thomas has worked with teams and leaders, to increase their innovative capacities, and lead organisational transformation processes. Thomas works from a holistic perspective, and bases his work on establishing frameworks, that support groups and individuals to learn and grow collectively.

Thomas is a graduated Kaospilot and holds an MA in Cultural and Creative Leadership. Organisations with whom Thomas has facilitated transformation programmes include IKEA, Google, Target, General Mills, Unilever, Wyden & Kennedy, BBDO, DDB and MEC.


erik sjölin

As part of his education at Hyper Island in Stockholm, Erik is doing his 7 months internship at Below The Surface. Erik is passionate about team development, digital strategy and facilitating processes around change and innovation. During his internship, Erik will focus on developing his skills as a process designer and facilitator.

We are excited to welcome Erik, especially since he already has lots of experience under his belt. Previously Erik has worked with business strategy for Procter & Gamble and Volvo, done VR campaigns for IKEA and helped Danske Bank develop their culture and ways of working.